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LORDSON & CO. HYUNDAI U-810 Piano (occ.) Wit Hoogglans

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LORDSON & CO. HYUNDAI U-810 Piano (occasion) Wit Hoogglans.

Hyundai pianos are Korean made to a very high standard. Many of Hyundai's piano models are designed in Germany, and as a result the pianos Hyundai produces reflect German quality. This particular Hyundai is the U810 model - a studio style piano designed to fit into smaller spaces, but still deliver a high standard of sound and playability. The piano is finished in high gloss white, it is an attractive furniture piece as well as a beautiful musical instrument.

Some of the features found in the Hyundai U810 Model -

  • German Design
  • Solid Spruce Sound Board for better tone quality and sound durability and maturity
  • German strings, tuning pins and pin block
  • Japanese action components
  • Hard wearing high gloss finish

Piano Dimensions - Height 107cm  |  Width 148cm  | Depth 50cm

Deze piano is in zeer goede staat en heeft studievilt welke met de hand kan worden bediend. Wordt gestemd geleverd met 2 jaar garantie. Verder is er de mogelijkheid om dit instrument te leasen vanaf E. 35,00 per maand of de 0% leaseactie met betaling in 24 maanden zonder rente met eenmalige kosten van E. 65,00.