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Since their first hit in 1994, Boyzone have produced three No.1 albums and an unbroken string of smash hit singles, proving themselves to be one of the most durable boy bands ever. For 5 years now, they have been dominating the radio play list, the TV, and the charts. They have been the face and voice of Pepsi; they have 4 Irish Music Awards under their belts; lead singer Ronan has presented the MTV Awards, Miss World, the Eurovision Song Contest and the recent BBC 1 talent show Get Your Act Together.
The first band in history to have their first 14 singles enter the top 3, Boyzone have also seen their maturer sound and real songwriting ability acknowledged in the form of an Ivor Novello award forPicture Of You. Their third album,Where We Belong, went five times platinum and helped to bring in an older audience without alienating the younger one.
Here are the songs from their fourth, best of, album, highlighting a truly phenomenal career, arranged for piano and voice complete with lyrics and guitar chord boxes.

• I love the Way you love me
• No Matter what
• All that I need
• Baby can I hold you
• Picture of you
• Isn't it a wonder
• A different Beat
• Words
• Father and Son
• So good
• Coming Home now
• Key to my Life
• Love me for a Reason
• When the going gets tough
• You needed me
• When you say nothing at all
• All the Time in the World
• I'll never got need you